Moving an offline business to online sales

When customers can’t buy your products in person, selling your products online gives your customers another way to buy products and interact with your business.

It also allows you to offer customers more information about your business, a place to leave reviews, and an opportunity for them to sign up to receive emails from your business.

10 Steps on How To Move Your Offline Business to Online:

  • Set up Server to host your business website and online shop
  • Buy Domain
  • Choose an eCommerce platform e.g. Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop
  • Set up website.
  • Configure Payment Methods – You must register to have an external payment gateway to be able to accept online payments with credit cards. When deciding on a payment gateway, research transaction fees, terms of service, payment schedules, and available currencies.
  • Configure Shipping Methods – When you sell online, you must have a way to send your products to your customers. You can offer all the shipping options you want to your customers to make sure they receive their orders in the most convenient way for them.
  • Check Taxes compliance.
  • SEO Planning – Many marketing options and search engine results are based on specific words that match your business. Think carefully about the keywords you want to use. Using specific keywords in your business descriptions, names and product descriptions, and in your marketing will help you with your search engine optimization or SEO, which will help you position yourself better on search results pages when people search for your keywords.
  • Expose site to multiple sale channels
  • Start Selling Online