AI Powered Funding Portal

AI Powered Funding Portal to help business recover from COVID-19.

Sonsoa team is working on AI powered funding portal to support UK businesses to stay up to date with funding opportunities offered by UK and EU funding bodies. During COVID-19, we noticed majority of our customers were not aware of current funding opportunities offered by the UK government, Local Councils, UK research councils and European commission to support UK businesses. Although, there are number of funding portal already exist but they are either come with heavy fee or are limited to specific funding opportunities e.g. funding portal for charities, local council funding portal. There is no portal which can provide information on all funding/grants/loans.

Sonsoa is currently seeking support from local council and funding organisations to help us build AI powered cloud based portal providing one stop shop for businesses of any size to get information about funding opportunities. The portal will be FREE for small and medium sized businesses.

If you are interested to know more about our new project, please contact Sonsoa team at